Can I Just Sleep Here Until the Weekend?

My knees hurt.

This is the result of walking around Makati for about an hour and a half and being so darn tired that I thought “oh whatever” and decided not to put them up as I should have done. In a while, I’ll be taking Biogesic to hopefully help with the pain. Right now, I’m also quite tired and worn out and not really looking forward to moving about again later tonight after I’ve left the office. But. SPANISH BUFFET AT ALBA’S IN MAKATI AVENUE FOR FREE. I must go. I MUST. Even if I have to go and walk there again from Glorietta!

So what is going on? Why am I exhausted?

Well, my Aunt from Bicol is here for a couple of things and she’s staying in Manila until Friday morning. She’s the type who doesn’t really travel a lot and would rather have people with her when she’s somewhere unfamiliar. My mother is currently accompanying her and they invited me to stay with them in their hotel for two nights, if I wanted to. I thought about it, about the hassle and unpredictableness of having to sleep somewhere else at night when I have work during the day. It would wear me out, I was quite sure, but in the end, I said “yes”.

Why, Crissy? Why go through all this hassle? Now you’re all exhausted and you’re cursing yourself and your aching knees. Why put yourself through this “torture-cation”?

Simple answer: I’m bored and I need a distraction.

Don’t you ever get so bored that you just want to break routine in any way that you can? Yeah, this set up is kind of crazy and inconvenient, like this morning I had to wake up at 6am after passing out at 11pm the night before because I would be left alone in the hotel room and that didn’t really sit well with me or my Mom. And last night, I had to walk from Glorietta to Valdez St. near Makati Avenue because the taxi lines were long and no jeepneys were going the way I was.  And I’ll probably do that again later tonight. But I guess it’s sort of worth of it. Like, tonight, I’ll be eating free at a Spanish restaurant (WINE AND TAPAS?!) and my Mom is also going to reimburse my fare and other food that I eat after coming from work. Plus I get to sleep in an airconditioned room that I don’t need to share with anyone and I don’t need to pay anything. It’s a kind of more tiring staycation, I guess, but well, this doesn’t happen everyday. It’s nice to mix things up a bit, even if I do get super tired due to the effort exerted.

…I’m still kind of tired, though, hahaha…


An Update on Me

Hi! Long time, no blog, I know. I have no excuse but for the usual laziness and busyness and the fact that I am doing my best to recover from a bout of Upper Respiratory Tract Infection.

Due to my frequent outings for work the past few weeks or so, I was infected by a cold that got turned into a cough that would not go away. I did my best to get better with the use of the more natural cures (lagundi tablets and lots of Vitamin C), but alas, nothing was working. The cough was subsiding but there was still phlegm after one week and so it was getting really annoying. I finally went to one of my doctors last Wednesday and got told to take a rest and I was also prescribed with some antibiotics. So holiday for three days! And antibiotics and other meds and also no salary for three days but you can’t have it all. At least I’m working on getting better. I seem to be getting better, I think. I hope so. I really want to get all this to stop by next week as I still have a lot of things to do.

While resting, I’ve been distracting myself with watching and reading stuff. I finally finished The Help and I’ve also watched the movie based on it. I’m also rewatching episodes from Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 3. I’ve almost forgotten how fun this show is. I’ll probably watch more as time goes on. I also need stuff to distract myself because I’ve been feeling a bit down lately…

Meanwhile, I’m starting work on my presents. Hopefully they’ll all get done before Christmas which is just ten days away. Go me. I can do this!

So how’s everyone else?

Luisiana in Review

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This past week has been super busy. I’ve been running around finishing up things for work and I’ll be happy when this week is over as I have more work to do tomorrow. Also last Tuesday to Wednesday, I was on a business trip of sorts. I had to go and assist my boss over at Luisiana, Laguna. For those who don’t know, Luisiana is up in the mountains, thus giving it a cooler climate compared with a lot of other municipalities in Laguna. It’s actually called the Little Baguio of Laguna because of all this. Since it’s been so hot recently, it was a great relief for me to experience the weather up there. We didn’t need for an AC to be turned on, especially at night. It’s that cool. True, it’s still sunny, but it’s really so much cooler and that’s just one of the reasons why I enjoyed my stay there.

It’s just a simple, unassuming town. How simple? No Starbucks, hahaha. It’s developing, certainly, but it’s still a far cry from a bustling city. The nearest Jollibee is 30 minutes away and you have to get down from the mountain to access it. It’s very quiet and the only real disturbance you get is whenever they have something going on in the plaza and boy, do they know how to party until dawn. Aside from that, it’s a peaceful town, with quiet, smiling, unassuming people. The town itself is very simple and compact. Most everything surrounds a park and when you see the church, you can be sure that the municipal hall is right beside it, right across the plaza. You see remnants of Spanish colonization in that traditional arrangement of architechture and also in some of the houses and buildings. It’s a sign of the town still being quite old-fashioned, but progress is also seen. The town has access to the Internet and telephones, so it’s not as backward as it can be in other places in the Philippines. The melding of the new and the old is very comforting for me as I was still able to feel relaxed in the new and peaceful surroundings even as I was able to keep in touch with my family and friends easily as only modern technology can allow.

I was also amazed at how clean the whole place was. I don’t think I’ve seen a single piece of trash anywhere. You really have to hand it to the people who are governing Luisiana. They’re doing their best to make their town a wonderful place to be. It’s not really an exciting location if there’s no fiesta happening, but it’s a good place to get away from it all, if you’re only looking for a quiet, cool venue to rest or in our case, to get some work done. And we were pretty productive while we were there. We’ll most probably end up going back up there again for work and I am looking forward to those trips in the future. Especially given that pancit habhab is just so delicious. I could eat it all day.

So, who wants to come with me to Luisiana next time? 😀