Tumblr Gives Me IDEAS

Tumblr has succeeded in swallowing me up. It’s awful, haha. However, I was able to find some cool stuff, like a list of historical documentaries, writing prompts, a post about introversion and this really cool mix of Gangnam Style. I also get to answer memes, though not often. I don’t have that many followers to be interested enough in giving me prompts, I guess. Elise responded to one, though, and I answered it! It’s about the three people that I think are awesome. I thought I’d post it here too:

Soooo late, I’m sorry. D: Anyway! This post is in answer to this meme, which I posted  some days ago. You put in Prussia and that means I have to list 3 People That I Think Are Awesome.

  1. Misha Collins. Honestly, Tom Hiddleston was supposed to be put here in his place just for being probably the sweetest man, a talented actor and for being God of Tumblr, but then I remembered Misha Collins. Misha Collins is most popularly known as Castiel from Supernatural. He’s also known to be off the wall and really, really cool with his fans. He’s very eccentric and funny. He once tweeted in Filipino. He posts funny pictures about himself and sometimes involving the Supernatural cast. He’s just so goofy and a lot of fun. And then you find out he set up a non-profit organization to help out over at Haiti. Awesome person? YES.
  2. Jose Rizal. National Hero of the Philippines and this is still being debated on. I’m not here to defend him and tell you why I think he should really be the Philippines’ National Hero because honestly, I am not 100% convinced that he should be either. But I can’t help admiring this man. He’s an inspiration, the one considered the First Filipino. How I would love to have even just an iota of his brilliance and ambition. Have you seen his credentials and achievements? GAH.
  3. My Mom. Cliche answer, probably, but can you imagine what my Mom has been through, what she’s still going through? We lost Tatay three years ago and even before that she was the breadwinner of the family. On top of that, her job has been in trouble the past two years or so because her company hasn’t been doing too well. And then she’s putting Noel through Nursing school and she shouldered the expenses for my hospitalization and everything since I got sick two years ago, too. But she’s still smiling, she’s still cheerful. If I were in her place, I think I would have broken. Seriously. I don’t know how she does it. She’s just AWESOME.

I hope I get more responses to memes, haha. They’re really fun and I always need prompts to express myself, really.

And speaking of expressing myself, particularly through writing, NaNoWriMo is just around the corner. For those who don’t know, NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month and basically what you’re supposed to do if you enter is you have to finish a 50,000-word novel in one month. Sounds pretty hardcore, right? Well, for me, who has barely written a real story in forever, it damn well is! I always hear about it year after year, but it’s only now that I feel the urge to actually give it a try. WHICH IS CRAZY because I have no plot, no ideas, no nothing. And what about time, right?? Ah, but a little, annoying voice in my head is saying all these are just excuses and are thus UNACCEPTABLE. So I don’t know, really. But I have to admit this is really nagging at me and so.



Also related to writing. I am also getting this wicked urge to make notes. Like, take a pen and physically start writing on something. I wrote down my meds list for the next two weeks and that gave me an ungodly sort of glee that shouldn’t be possible over something as mundane as writing with a pen and paper. But there was glee. It was kind of embarrassing, haha. This reminds me of when I used to first write my fanfiction drafts longhand in my tiny, cramped, computer print-like handwriting before typing them all up in my old computer. Those were the days and this NaNoWriMo thing is giving me back that excitement. I’ll probably end up writing fanfiction again, which is kind of embarrassing for some reason. BUT WHAT CAN YOU DO. Maybe it’s embarrassing because by now you would think I have gone past the fanfiction “phase” by now. But no. That’s not quite happening. It’s kind of sad, you know? Here I am, wanting to write this novel or whatever, but alas, no original ideas come to mind…

Fandom and Tumblr, this is what you do to me. You give me crazy, exciting ideas and make me type in all caps.



Everyday I’m Tumblr-in’

Well, no, not really. Not yet? I just got a Tumblr last Sunday after thinking about it forever and so far the experience has been… Entertaining. XD; I have to say that I agree that it has a way of really eating away at your time and life and it’s hard to get away! Especially because of all the things that you can find like pretty pictures. I’ve already found really nice pictures of RDJ, Chris Evans, Jude Law (favorite personal tag is “tangina ang pogi” HAHAHAHA) and Hetalia stuff. Looking for themes can be quite exhausting but then again that isn’t anything new to me.  I’ve found one I really like easily enough, though, so that’s great. I find it interesting, too, that some Tumblr themes are also adapted for WordPress. Lord knows I was tempted to use the same theme I have here for my Tumblr. Just to be consistent. 😛

A lot of fandoms seem to have migrated to Tumblr and I’ve been having a blast following my favorite fanfiction authors and getting access to stuff that they don’t publish on their FF.net or AO3 accounts. I guess in some ways it’s easier to just put everything on Tumblr instead of the fanfiction sites because they can include notes about their writing, etc. and no one would hardly complain. It gives you access to their ideas and writing process and it’s all just very fascinating. Well, I find it fascinating because I used to write fanfiction (I kind of… Still do? Aha. Sometimes!) and most everything that involves writing for a fic interests me. Admittedly, it’s similar to how things were like in Livejournal before, but I guess Tumblr adds a visual dimension to things so it makes things more enriched somehow.

Stalking my favorite fanfiction authors have also made me think about writing fanfiction again. I look into their Tumblrs and I miss the feeling of being able to write for myself as well as fandom and getting to know people through what I write. I met a lot of really great people when I wrote for other fandoms before and I just thought it would be nice if I could do that again. So yes, hopefully those are other things I can do.

Get back into fandom.

Start writing fanfiction again.

I think it’d be great fun.