I Freakin’ Hate Mondays

Who likes Mondays anyway? I think you’d have to be a real workaholic or a glutton for punishment if you actually like Mondays. There’s just something about the first day back from the weekend that just utterly sucks.

It’s the first day of the week when you have to actually get up so early in the morning (for those of us with normal schedules anyway) and leave the confines of your warm bed to go out and be productive. Or at least try to.

You have to take a bath or shower, dress up and get breakfast in the morning (THE HORROR) so you can be ready for your day.

As you commute to work, you’re stuck with like-minded, miserable people with their own cases of weekend hangovers and so the way to work is more unbearable than usual on top of the smog, the heat and the crowds.

At work, there’s that warm, sleepy atmosphere that you just want to sink into. You go in and try to procrastinate as long as you can before getting started on the work load that has piled up during the weekend. You prepare a cup of coffee, arrange your desk, clean your keyboard, check your Facebook, put on mood music, what have you.┬áThen finally you start work. It only took you two hours after you timed in.

And then it’s lunch time.

After lunch time, you take the time to relax because going back to work immediately is bad for your digestion. That’s what someone said in an article you read. Of course these people know what they’re talking about. So relax. Another cup of coffee. More Facebook checking. Let’s take some time to check Tumblr too. Nothing more relaxing than Tumblr…

After an hour of after-lunch relaxation, it’s time to work again. You do so leisurely, slooooowly gaining momentum. You’re finally being productive!

But then it’s almost time to go home. GRRR. Where did all my time go?! And just when I was actually DOING stuff! UGH!

But no choice. Time to go home.

And so ends another sucky, unproductive Monday.

See you tomorrow! Maybe Tuesday will be better.

(But let’s face it, it’s probably the same. Just as unproductive and sucky as Monday. You only gain momentum on Wednesday, put all effort on Thursday and then relax on Friday.)



First the Internet, then the World

Is anyone else freaked out by how Facebook just seems to be everywhere on the Internet now? You click on a site and when you’re asked to log in you see something like this:

Did you click it?

How easy.

How convenient.

How scary.

It’s probably just me letting my mind wander into craziness unknown after a day spent sorting through repetitive legal files that I could hardly understand, but seriously. Facebook is everywhere on the ‘Net and it lets you access all sorts of things that would usually take you a while to do. Now, all you have to do is have a Facebook account, hardly ever sign out from it and just use it to get into sites that you want to access. It’s that simple, even more simple than pouring hot water into instant noodles. Were if only we could cook instant noodles with just one click of a button. Who knows. Maybe in the future, Facebook can just do EVERYTHING for you, practically take over and control your life in a more physical way. What kind of physical way? I don’t know. I have no idea. I’m not that creative right now to think of something beyond my instant noodles example up there. Or some kind of itty-bitty computer chip thing that is then put into your brain and… I don’t know, but there you go.

Facebook. Sooner or later, it can literally control your life.

Hey, it could happen. It’s already starting by hooking people in for hours (DAYS) and allowing people to use it if for easy logging into sites that they use everyday. Who knows what else Facebook would be capable of after a few years or so?