A Tabletop Sunday


Yesterday, I met up with two friends and had a fun afternoon. We had a fantastically hearty (and fatty!) lunch of fish n’ chips and then for dessert we had sweet drinks like milk tea and milkshakes and tabletop games. Now, I’m not really a person who plays tabletop games a lot but I had fun with the two games my friends brought. The one in the picture up there is called Gobblet and it’s basically like tic-tac-toe  but a bit more complicated as you have to complete a row by using four game pieces and it’s actually possible to defend pieces or “eat” them by covering up your own or your opponent’s pieces. Of course there’s some strategy involved and it took a while but I was actually able to win a game. 😀

The other game was called Flirt and it’s a card game. The link will lead you to a better explanation of the game than any effort of mine will yield. What you need to do in Flirt is to be able to steal another player’s set of three heart cards. Funny how that sentence sounds because you are really playing this game to win some hearts. The game’s premise is about romantic relationships and how your stats (charm, intelligence and wealth) are able to win over the other person’s heart(s). The game makers say it is appropriate for players 13 years old and above and I guess it makes sense. You’ll really only be able to appreciate the game if you’ve ever had romantic feelings for someone else and that age is just about right.

So that was a lot of fun. 😀 Hopefully I’ll be able to get together with those set of friends again soon so we could play some more. Maybe on January and we’d invite more friends to join us.


An OST for Today

This morning, I started watching the K-Drama Marry Him If You Dare and this song was featured. Apparently it’s a very popular song in Korea:

Mama was walking around the house and she was singing something. I couldn’t recall what the song was but since this was Mama, I’ll put in Abba’s Dancing Queen:

Then two of my friends came over and we started talking. One of the topics was about Sana Dati and how the song Indak by Up Dharma Down was just perfect for the film’s ending:

Then the conversation turned to oldies music:

And the day ended with a sudden flashback to high school and random singing and dancing to an anime theme song happened  (though Free! is a very recent anime, haha):

Friday Night

Good food, good company, good effort.

A good Friday.

And I am tired and sleepy and still kind of bursting with the chicken lollipops I ate for dinner. I had dinner with a good friend and we had a great time catching up. I was also able to buy our donations and get them to my high school. I was easily allowed in when I said that I was going to be bringing in donations. Students were packing up relief goods and it was kind of amazing to see them at it. They looked exhausted like they’ve been at it for hours but they still kept on going. It was a pretty awesome sight.

Yeah, good, good Friday.


Being Almost Creepy and Admittedly Enthusiastic

I was riding the jeepney on the way home. It passed by my high school and I was boggled by the sight of a huge pile of donations in the front lobby. Now, it was easy enough to spot the pile as the lobby could be easily seen from outside but really, it’s still kind of mind boggling. You’d only really appreciate it when you see it firsthand. I wanted to take a picture but I was on the jeepney and I thought they might find it creepy if I did. Because you know. There were students there and there I would have been, an outsider (an alumna, but still an outsider!), taking pictures. Creepy, right? Maybe I can try again tomorrow, haha. I’ll ask permission and all that.

There’s a grocery between my house and my high school so I took the time to look at the prices of the things that I’m planning to donate. If all goes well, I’ll have stuff ready for delivery by tomorrow night. I still find all this pretty exciting, if you can’t tell. 😀 I’m just really hoping that all this help will be able to get to the devastated areas soon. I also hope the government gets its act together because even if we’ve got a lot to give but there’s no way to get them to the people they’re supposed to be for, then we’ve still got nothing.

Meanwhile, in more personal news, I got a letter today! 😀 Finally! I have been waiting for this letter for a while now and now it’s here!

2013-11-14 19.18.47

I have received three letters in total for last month’s National Letter Writing Day after sending some of my own. Pretty cool. ❤ Ah, to write letters again. How I’ve missed doing it. Will write more letters soon. ❤

A Relevant Question Gets an Awesome Answer

Earlier this morning, I was asking myself,

“What could I actually do to help?”

The situation down in Tacloban has gotten really bad and I really, really just wanted to do something, to help out in any way that I can. Many avenues have opened up in the past days. There are so many ways to reach out and help and organizations have become more and more creative with how they plan to contribute in their own way. My favorite was how the local food community is going to support the Red Cross where you pretty much get to stuff your face for a cause, haha. I’ll probably find myself in at least one of the places involved in this this weekend but aside from that, I wanted to do more.

I don’t really have enough funds to give a sizable monetary donation though that is the easiest route and reposting information for donations and such just doesn’t seem enough. I really wanted to do donations the old fashioned way: gathering old clothes and other necessities and taking them somewhere they are being gathered to then be distributed to the people who need them. Doing this used to be easier since I only had to take my donations to school and the school would take care of everything else. I actually live very near my old schools so it would be easy enough to drop off donations. I was planning to head on off to one of them today to ask for information on how to go about it, but then I opened my Facebook earlier this morning and found a very interesting post in my high school batch’s group page.

It was a call for us to come together and do something for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda.

Twenty hours and some comments later and it looks like this is really going to happen. My high school batch is going to be uniting to help out and it just gives me the happiest feeling somehow.

It’s just somehow easier to do something like this as a group, especially with friends. You toss around ideas and get excited and start working together. I really do hope this pushes through because it’s just nice to do something helpful for others while doing it with other people who want to help out too.

I’ll keep you guys posted. 🙂

Meanwhile, if you’re looking to help the Typhoon Yolanda victims, lists of organizations you can contact can be found here and here

Effects of the Media Club

My laptop got infected by a virus, and I was scrambling around trying to look for a way to back up my files because as my luck would have it, even my external hard drive got infected. I considered using Google Drive and I already uploaded some files into it. I finally hit on the idea of burning stuff into DVDs on the way to work earlier today, so I decided that I would be getting blank DVDs on the way home later.

There was a National Bookstore on the way home, so it was easy enough to drop in for a quick shopping trip. I got my blank DVDs, and I also got a blue gel pen because I needed one for work. That was all I needed, but of course, since I was already in the bookstore, I decided to browse around a little. In the end, I left the store with four blank DVDs, a blue gel pen, three comic books and one book.

I suppose it wouldn’t have been anything new for me, coming out of a bookstore with more purchases than I planned to get. What was new, though, was the kind of stuff I bought. I got three different Black Ink comics, namely Pepe: the Lost Years of RizalThe Reaper and Vergil: the Warrior Angel, and a book by Alan Navarra entitled Dumot. I got the comics because I got curious about the stories of each comic as they dealt with the supernatural and because each cost a very affordable P69.75. The book was a bit more pricey at P200, but again, I was curious. The blurb at the back was intriguing and the cover had a unique design. And what was “dumot” anyway? As I was standing in line to pay for everything, I knew that at any other time, I would most probably not have bothered with the comics and the book. I was still keeping careful control of my finances and I haven’t been a comic-reading person in a very long time. Admittedly, the price was a factor, but at the same time, I guess I could say that I have become more open to trying things that were different from my usual diversions of choice.

The Media Club has been going on for a while now and I like to think that it has broadened my horizons and made me more curious about what’s out there and open to trying different things. At the same time, with the club involving other people, it’s much easier to share experiences and thoughts which don’t come as easily when you experience something by yourself and just write about it on your blog like I tend to do when I can. Maybe I’ll share some of these discoveries when it’s my turn to bring up something for the club.

Let’s keep it up, guys. I think our Media Club is really doing something good for us. 😀

Casual Fujoshi Musings: Butlers and the Butler Cafe

Today, a friend and I managed to do one of the things a lot of anime fangirls would want to do should they have the chance: visit a Butler Cafe.

Okay, so it’s not a real one. I don’t think there’s an actual Butler Cafe here in the Philippines unless you mean those that you see in anime conventions. We went to Blush Con, a yaoi/BL convention (and I swear I will tackle that later!), and one of the attractions that they offered was the Butler Cafe. Of course, who were we to turn down the chance to be waited on by a handsome butler? And so we signed up and so we found ourselves waiting outside this room that was designated for the cafe.

It’s not surprising that we’re probably one of the older patrons and it’s also not surprising that we’re not the only ones who had lined up. The line was long and filled with squealing, excited young-uns, waiting for their chance to experience firsthand to be a Butler Cafe Princess for 30 minutes. There was an uproar when one of the organizers came up and said that only 15 pictures will be allowed in the next session (you can pay P50 for a chance to take a polaroid picture with your favorite butler). And just like the disillusioned old ladies that we were, we rolled our eyes and muttered about the kids expecting too much. They had no right to complain as they haven’t paid for it yet; complain when you have paid for it, kids! It was then that we decided that we won’t be taking a picture with our favorite butler, because we didn’t want to get in the middle of that madness. Even if one of our good friends happened to be one of the butlers. It’ll be okay. We can ambush her some other time and then we can take as many pictures as we want, haha.

And then it was our turn. And ohmyGod, our Butler was cuuuuuuuute. He was tall, cheerful and moe. He called himself Moo. He tried to recite the whole menu from memory and he failed, but it’s okay. He looked adorable doing it anyway. Our simple afternoon tea was certainly made more exciting by his presence. We played some games with him and we interviewed him a little. Apparently, he was dragged into doing the Butler Cafe by his brother and it was his first time. He said it was all kinds of awkward and then he looked weirded out and edged away when one of the girls in our table dragged out her BL paraphernalia from the con. Then he asked what fanservice was and I had to stare and ask, “Are you for real?” Because really. Really?? You work in a Butler Cafe and you don’t know what fanservice is?? He soon got what it was though when he had one of the Butlers come to our table. He leaned in to whisper into his ear and one of the girls in our table squealed. A moment later, he was asking if he was doing fanservice by grabbing the other butler by the hips. Thirty minutes passed by so fast and the next thing we knew, we had to get up and leave. Moo said goodbye and gave us all a hug, thanking us for coming. He even saw us out. He was such a sweetie and I pretty much could say that I enjoyed my time at the Butler Cafe. Too bad we didn’t get to have our picture taken with him.

It made me wonder, though, was it all real? Was Moo really that sweet and cheerful and awkward? Was his story of being recruited by his brother true? Did he really not know what fanservice was? The happy customer in me wanted to believe that it was, that Moo was really like that in real life, but the fangirl who did her research knew that Butler Cafes catered to women who had their fantasies.  Fantasies of being catered to by handsome young men who appreciate and enjoy their company, who will give them hugs, see them to the door when they leave and look forward to their return. It was just a bit sad to think of something like that after being taken in by the magic that was the Butler Cafe. And Moo, too, who took care of us very well while we were with him.

Will I be going back next year for another Butler Cafe session? I don’t know. I pretty much know how to ruin a fun, happy, thing, I think. No one said that I didn’t over-analyze these things and I did it a lot. So I don’t know, we’ll see. Who knows. Maybe next year, I’ll actually have a real, cute, huggable guy who wouldn’t mind playing games or having afternoon tea with me and I wouldn’t have to pay to get him.