Blame It On the Radio

I was sitting in a car earlier this afternoon and then something being said on the radio got my attention. There was a game going on and what the contestant had to do was guess the name of the songs being played. The DJ asked the contestant what kind of songs he wanted to guess, those in the regular programming or those being played on Saturdays, which are usually old songs and the like. The contestant chose the Saturday playlist (the DJ even joked that they would play songs that correspond to his age) and it blew my mind when they played the songs. Sukiyaki by 4PM, Shy Guy by Diana King– Has it really been that long since those songs were out? Honestly, I was surprised. The contestant and I were around the same age. It was just mind boggling.

I guess I’ll always be kind of in denial about how old these songs really are now because they’re signs of how I have also aged. Sure, I’m not yet that old but I’m old enough to have most of my favorite songs be on weekend radio playlists. It’s not really sad, just kind of weird sometimes because I can still remember so clearly how I listened to the radio all the time before to wait for my favorite songs to air.

Yeah and that just gives you another idea of how long ago that was! Do young people still listen to the radio and wait for songs? I don’t know. With iPods and everything, you can just pull up whatever playlist or song you want to listen to so easily. No more waiting or anything. Very convenient but it lacks a certain sense of nostalgia, I think.


Here Comes the PMS (And the K-Pop)

I’ve been feeling lethargic and anti-social these past few days and I can safely owe it to PMSing. It’s just that time of the month again and I feel absolutely wretched. Nothing seems better than sitting at home all day in your pajamas and just eat everything while watching your favorite shows.

And this reminds me that I am so behind in Agents of SHIELD and Supernatural…


Here, have a Sistar19 video.


And finally… Super Junior.

Well. I kind of feel a bit better now, haha.

Cold Coffee on a Cool Saturday

It was kind of a busy day today and I wasn’t able to take a nap so I’m already kind of tired and sleepy right now, though I guess I should be since it’s already a bit past 10PM as I write this. The weather was good enough that my Mom and I were able to go scout for gifts. It was a treat of a Saturday, especially since I was able to have this:


Kori Kopi from UCC Vienna Cafe! And yes, those are coffee ice cubes and what you do is you pour warm milk over everything. It was kind of bitter and went perfectly with the blueberry cheesecake that I had with it. It reminded me of the Vietnamese Coffee that I had months ago, so of course I had to get it. ‘Was just feeling a wee bit nostalgic, I guess. It was also just nice to be out and about while the weather outside wasn’t so bad.

I sort of feel guilty posting about the mundane details of my life when a lot of people are currently facing big problems, like if they have a home to come back to after the typhoon. But it’s really just exhausting to blog about upsetting things. It’s just too sad for me to continue talking about the stuff that has happened here in the Philippines…

Meanwhile, I would like to thank all the new people who have started following me. I don’t really know why you’re all here, but thank you. It’s always nice to see when what you write gets an audience.

For now, though, I have to say goodnight. I’m yawning and that’s usually a sign that I should sign off soon.

Until tomorrow.


Idle Monday Musings

I was supposed to have a picture to post but I forgot to take it. It was the view of the hallway leading to my office and then right beside my door is my orange umbrella. It’s an unexpected burst of color within the scene, of something I see everyday. The sight is just so uplifting to me for some reason; it always brings a smile to my face when I see it.

The weather was really strange today. It was raining when I was on my way to work and then it eventually pitter-pattered away to reveal a sunny day. It rained on and off the whole day, like the weather was having trouble trying to decide which way it preferred to go. I didn’t mind as I stayed indoors for the most part, though I would have preferred it to be cloudier so it won’t be as bright in my office.

It was another moderately busy Monday. Even though my boss wasn’t around, I had much to do and for the most part, I didn’t mind. It was just the way things were at the job and it always makes me feel accomplished whenever I cross things off of my daily to-do list at work.

This Monday was okay, not great but also not terrible.

I guess it could be worse and that’s another blessing.

Tuesday tomorrow.

I hope it’s better.

An Update on Me

Hi! Long time, no blog, I know. I have no excuse but for the usual laziness and busyness and the fact that I am doing my best to recover from a bout of Upper Respiratory Tract Infection.

Due to my frequent outings for work the past few weeks or so, I was infected by a cold that got turned into a cough that would not go away. I did my best to get better with the use of the more natural cures (lagundi tablets and lots of Vitamin C), but alas, nothing was working. The cough was subsiding but there was still phlegm after one week and so it was getting really annoying. I finally went to one of my doctors last Wednesday and got told to take a rest and I was also prescribed with some antibiotics. So holiday for three days! And antibiotics and other meds and also no salary for three days but you can’t have it all. At least I’m working on getting better. I seem to be getting better, I think. I hope so. I really want to get all this to stop by next week as I still have a lot of things to do.

While resting, I’ve been distracting myself with watching and reading stuff. I finally finished The Help and I’ve also watched the movie based on it. I’m also rewatching episodes from Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 3. I’ve almost forgotten how fun this show is. I’ll probably watch more as time goes on. I also need stuff to distract myself because I’ve been feeling a bit down lately…

Meanwhile, I’m starting work on my presents. Hopefully they’ll all get done before Christmas which is just ten days away. Go me. I can do this!

So how’s everyone else?


I’ve just been thinking a lot about honesty today, like, how honest are we really?

Our society seems to thrive on not being wholly ourselves. ¬†At job interviews, we’re always advised to “put your best foot forward”, “keep it short (stupid)” and to just never give your possible new employer everything that you are in one sitting. This applies to a lot of other aspects of our lives when it comes to dealing with people. We’re not to say too much about ourselves lest we make others uncomfortable. We’re also not to ask about certain things lest we make others uncomfortable too. We should be careful about what we post online, what we say or do out in public. There are things such as delicacy and discretion and respect and it seems to keep things peaceful, a nice, stable status quo.

Now, I understand how all this makes sense. Surely we try our best to be nice so as everyone gets along. There should be order and all that. Why would you hire an employee who would be bad for the company? Why would you befriend someone unpleasant? Why try and destroy the delicate balance of peace we’ve all got going on? I get it. Really. I do.

But sometimes, you have to wonder. Are people happy with keeping the peace? Do people ever get tired of just not being honest so that they can live unhindered, stable lives? Don’t they get tired of saying one thing but thinking another? Of thinking about what others think of them all the time? Of just not being themselves?

I do and I wish it were that easy to stop living a lie.

I think, if I became really honest, I won’t have friends. No one will like me. Heck, I don’t even like myself a lot of the time, so why would other people? Stockholm Syndrome, maybe? I don’t know, but I just feel that if people actually knew what I think a lot of the time, what I’m capable of doing if I let myself, they wouldn’t like me at all.

And so I keep it all to myself. I like being liked. I like being secure. I like not being alone even though at times it’s grating to be amidst so many people and so much activity.

Do you have what it takes to be completely honest? I envy you if you do because I’m just not that brave to be.