Life Update #2: PGH, My Brother and the Hobo(nichi)

A couple of things happened since the last time:

Hospital Confinement. Two weeks ago, my body decided it would be cool to get a cold and a cough, which was not really good given how my immunity was down and it could get really, really bad very quickly. Then I woke up on the third day of my cough and colds with what felt like a migraine followed by a bit of vertigo. My doctor wanted me admitted to a hospital so I finally agreed. First, we went to San Juan de Dios but found out that there were no vacant beds. Not wanting the time spent going there to be wasted, I had some tests done to give an idea of what was going on with me. Apparently I had a mild case of pneumonia. No antibiotics were prescribed as I was going to be transferred to another hospital so I went home to wait to be admitted to the Philippine General Hospital (PGH). Again, the hospital was packed. We were on the waiting list for four days before I was finally admitted and what we got was the Deluxe Room which was practically a suite. I stayed there for about five days which I spent most of just hanging out, being bored and getting fat. There were also some tests and examinations done. My meds were adjusted and apparently I also had benign positional vertigo.  I was released with instructions to rest for another two weeks.

Noel is Off to Australia. My first week back at home was surprisingly busy because we were preparing for Noel to leave for Australia where he is to study and work with the intention of staying. The arrangements have been going on for a few months now and now that we’re just waiting for his visa, it’s only really just hitting me that he’s actually going to be leaving soon and I have no idea when I’ll get to see him again. Sure, there’s Facebook and Instagram and things but it just wouldn’t be the same. And seriously, I don’t think I’m ready to have my brother be all the way in another continent. It’s just…unfathomable to me. So we’re just waiting. And preparing. That’s just all we could really do at this point.

#theroadtohobo2017. So people who follow me on Instagram probably already know that I plan my everyday life using an actual paper-based planner and that I’m also really into making it as fun for me as possible. This year, I’ve been using the green Moleskine planner from Starbucks as my main planner. I like the weekly layout and I think it suits my needs. I also happen to have a red passport-size Traveler’s Notebook from CN Paper Crafts which I bring around because the Starbucks planner can get pretty heavy. The Macata, which is the official name of CN Paper Craft’s Traveler’s Notebook, also has a copy of my weekly agenda and I use it to plan on the go. It also houses two inserts for notes, lists, and other things I just happen to want to write down at any time. It can even serve as a wallet in times of really wanting to save space and weight in my bag. I also used to keep a journal but I have fallen out of the habit around the time when I was starting to feel really crappy. I’m also pretty into sticking things into my journal so the journal ends up being really thick and heavy and I just leave it in the house. I miss it though so I want to get back into the habit and I want to be able to do it wherever I may be when the mood strikes. And so #theroadtohobo2017. I will be trying out the Hobonichi Planner (A6) next year. The Hobonichi planners are made with Tomoe River Paper which is really lightweight so it would be more convenient to bring around anywhere and that’s what I need, I think. My friend and I already put in our orders and I am really looking forward to receiving our happy mail. ❤ I even got a really cute cover and some accessories and everything to go with the planner. That’s how excited I am! 😀 I have no chill when I really enjoy something, haha. So that’s what’s been keeping me in a good mood these past few days. I’ll probably post more about my planners and other planner-related things in the future because that’s where my interests currently lie.

So that’s it for now. Sorry for the lack of pictures and the links to Instagram. Hopefully the next entries will be better.

Until next time. 🙂


The Weight is the Issue

My weight has always been kind of an issue for me. I try not to talk about it too much but it’s really something that I think about a lot. I guess it’s because I’ve almost gotten back to the weight that I was back in College and that was when I was at my biggest.

I guess in some ways it’s good that I have gained the weight back because at least I’m not sickly. When I lost a lot of weight before, my immune system got shot and I suffered from a whole slew of health problems. I was sick all the time and I had what I felt like some kind of unidentified, undiagnosed eating disorder. I just didn’t want to eat and then I got sicker and sicker until I got so weak and sick I had to be hospitalized. I got diagnosed first with lupus then MCTD and things, as they say, are history.

So now I’ve gained back the weight and I’m not quite happy about it. I see old pictures of me when I was unhealthy and yet so thin and I miss those days. People tell me I look better like this and I also do my best to agree and say so but at times I just can’t help thinking I’d look and feel so much better if I lost some weight. It’s probably true. I do need to stop eating so much crap and start exercising again. But well, food is just so good and exercising is just so gross.

I’ve probably blogged about this before and I’ve always said that I would actually get up and start being healthier but the motivation always escapes me after a while and I find myself going back and munching on that piece of chocolate.

Such is my life.

Self-Indulgent Whining Post

Ugh, it’s hard to be perky and happy when your body is working against you. It’s bad enough that it’s that time of the month again and I feel icky and uncomfortable. I’ve also somehow managed to catch a cold and I have started sneezing and my nose keeps running. Better out than in, they say, but uuuugh. I don’t like having colds. It’s awful. And then I found a red spot on the back of my leg and I am getting paranoid that it’s another boil. 

Body, why are you doing this to me?

Of course all of this has affected my mood and my performance at work today. 


Need to get better and get over this.

Here Comes the PMS (And the K-Pop)

I’ve been feeling lethargic and anti-social these past few days and I can safely owe it to PMSing. It’s just that time of the month again and I feel absolutely wretched. Nothing seems better than sitting at home all day in your pajamas and just eat everything while watching your favorite shows.

And this reminds me that I am so behind in Agents of SHIELD and Supernatural…


Here, have a Sistar19 video.


And finally… Super Junior.

Well. I kind of feel a bit better now, haha.

The Blessing of Legs

Today, I walked a lot. I walked from home to the Starbucks near our place then farther on to a mall where I did some grocery shopping. I probably was on my feet for more than an hour total and I was tired, my back hurt a little, but I felt so invigorated.

Two weeks ago, I had an operation done on my leg due to an infected boil. Despite how I was allowed to go back to work a mere two days later after the procedure, I still wasn’t at 100%. On top of how worried I was about my new surgical incision’s healing process, I was also having trouble walking. I guess the leg was still traumatized over what happened and was begging me to take it easy. So I did.

It was torture. I had to limit my walks and that meant taking early car rides with my Mom to work or taking a taxi. I also couldn’t move around as much as I wanted because then my feet would swell and the knee on my other leg would hurt. I had to walk at a more leisurely place which was just hard for me to do when I usually walked like I always had somewhere important to go to. For the first few days, I was limping and I absolutely hated it, but I had no choice. I was so tired whenever I got home that I pretty much spent it lying down on my bed. The weekend came and my legs still felt shaky and painful. I also spent most of the weekend in bed and I felt so sorry for myself.

Taking it slow paid off, though. Last week, my leg was feeling better. I didn’t feel as tired after walking around some and my knee wasn’t protesting movement anymore. By Wednesday, I was walking normally. By Friday, I found myself running and everything felt okay.

For me, being able to walk on my own is one kind of independence. Being able to walk meant that I could do whatever and go wherever  I want whenever I want. It’s something that we all take for granted, a part of our life that we often overlook because it’s just there. This experience has been another lesson in not taking things for granted because we’ll never really know how important something seemingly obvious and normal could be until its taken away.

Crissy’s Cure for Colds

Just putting this here to remind myself of what to do when I start getting the sniffles or coughing:

  1. Up your dosage of Vitamin C. Take Vitamin C tablets but also consume natural sources of Vitamin C. For me, I eat kiwi and drink lemon/calamansi juice.
  2. Drink lots of fluids. Keep hydrated and drink lots of water. Drinking hot herbal teas would also be good to loosen phlegm and soothe the throat. Avoid coffee and black tea as these tend to cause dehydration instead.
  3. Add honey and cinnamon to your diet. With my lemon/calamansi juice, I put a spoonful of pure/raw honey and a bit of cinnamon. It’s soooo yummy and comforting.
  4. Also have some kind of soup with ginger, onions and garlic. Piping hot chicken tinola with lots of ginger, onions and garlic is my comfort food when I have colds. Once, I also boiled some ginger, onions and garlic with a little instant noodle seasoning for a healthier version of instant chicken noodle soup.
  5. Spicy foods are also good. Mm, jjamphong is perfect for this. Maybe I should also get around to trying to cook tortilla soup.  Spicy food helps open the sinuses and makes the nose run, which is actually good. Gross, but good.
  6. Keep warm and dry. Cold is awful when you have a cold. Also, don’t let sweat dry out on your back and chest.
  7. Cover your throat when you sleep. Or even when you’re awake if possible. It’s just another way of comforting myself.
  8. Use Vicks. It’s effective for me. It helps  me sleep better when I have colds.
  9. Sleep at least 7 hours a night. Take naps during lunchbreak at work. Just get as much rest as possible.
  10. Take lozenges and lagundi syrup. When it gets really bad.

If things get worse after a week or so, see a doctor.

A Conscious Effort

This past weekend, I made the conscious decision to start eating healthier and exercising more. While I may not be as fat as I used to be when I was in college (which was the time that I was at my fattest), I still felt that I needed to get back to healthier habits. I have already discussed taking better care of myself in a past post, but I this weekend I really sat down and thought of a plan. As my mother says, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

First and foremost, I made rules for myself concerning food and my eating habits:

  1. Make healthier food choices. I should do my best to eat more fruits and vegetables and focus on fish and chicken for protein. I should also avoid processed foods as much as possible.
  2. No eating out/sweets on weekdays. There’s a lot of temptation during the weekdays, especially since I pass the Taft/St.Scho/DLSU area once I get home. I really should stop checking out restaurants after work because I end up sitting down and buying things to eat. Weekends can be cheat days, but even then I shouldn’t go crazy and eat whatever I want.
  3. Stick to tea and hot drinks. I have gotten back into the habit of drinking coffee again and I should cut down, I think. ‘Need to go back to drinking my teas again. No softdrinks or juices either. Iced tea is also a no-no.
  4. Drink more water. Water makes everything better for the most part.
  5. Eat at home. Or at work, since we have free food at work, haha. This way, it’s easier to control what I eat and spend money on.
  6. Avoid fried and fatty food. Go back to eating roasted, grilled or steamed food for the most part. Food with soups are your friends.
  7. PORTION CONTROL. Mahirap mag half-rice pero ‘di ito nakamamatay. Wag maging madrama. Gusto mong pumayat at maging healthy, di ba?
  8. Enjoy eating out with family and friends. Food is best enjoyed with others. If there is an occasion, eat what you want, but otherwise, stick to the plan.
  9. Never go hungry. Hunger makes the “die” in “diet” true. When you’re hungry, eat, but not too much.

As for exercise, I have decided to try my hand at yoga since I’m advised not to undertake high impact exercises. For now, I am doing it at home. I started this morning and wow, I’m apparently not as flexible as I thought I was, haha. But it was good, very relaxing but also energizing. I’ll try to do it three times a week to start and then let’s see what happens from there.