Here Comes the PMS (And the K-Pop)

I’ve been feeling lethargic and anti-social these past few days and I can safely owe it to PMSing. It’s just that time of the month again and I feel absolutely wretched. Nothing seems better than sitting at home all day in your pajamas and just eat everything while watching your favorite shows.

And this reminds me that I am so behind in Agents of SHIELD and Supernatural…


Here, have a Sistar19 video.


And finally… Super Junior.

Well. I kind of feel a bit better now, haha.



Long day was long. I spent most of it trying to get my boss’ visa requirements submitted and approved. We were successful with his Alien Employment Permit but not with his 9G Visa. We were too late for the cut off and apparently our requirements were incomplete. Then we were passed around as we tried to get a satisfactory answer on what the hell to do about our predicament. In the end, his Visa has to be downgraded and he has to apply for his 9G Visa again.

I don’t have enough patience to run these kinds of errands. They really need someone to do this for them. I’m just bad at dealing with people and government¬†bureaucracy. Everything and everyone’s just a pain in the ass. And I am so sick of people telling us that we should have filed for his visa earlier. I know, okay? I KNOW.

And we probably took the longest jeepney ride of our lives from Quiapo to Edsa Extension. How did we get from Intramuros to Quiapo, you ask? Well, since it’s a three-day holiday this coming weekend, there’s traffic everywhere and we couldn’t get a taxi. We ended up taking a jeep to Quiapo to look for a better chance of getting home. Alas, the LRT was crowded and taxis were still hard to flag at that hour. Thank goodness for jeepneys that go all the way along FB Harrison. But still the traffic was awful and jeepneys are not the most comfortable of public transportation to ride. By the end of it, my boss and I were feeling pretty sick.

And have I mentioned how I’m tired of spending time with my boss? I am and before I have my coffee at lunch, I’m really tempted to type up a resignation letter so I can not spend time with him ever again.

Is there a happy ending to all this? Yes, sort of. I get to come later to work tomorrow and I got to eat a yummy pesto tofu burger at Burger Project again.

But I still don’t get a three-day weekend.


Another thing to hate this summer for

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The slideshow up there shows scenes from what could possibly be a post-apocalyptic-themed movie, but no, this is real life. This is the backdrop of Summer 2012 for me when the government decided to dig up and destroy the road in front of our house. You’ll find similar scenes all across Manila. This probably happens every summer as politicians take advantage of less traffic due to the schools being out to make their “improvements” on the roads and whatever else, but we’ve never really had our whole road dug up like this.

It’s annoying! I walk back and forth over this rough, holed up road and it’s made worse by the awful heat. It also feels like I went back a few centuries. I couldn’t help thinking, as I stepped and climbed over uneven debris, cement and gravel, little bits of it getting into my walking shoes, “My goodness, this must be what my grandparents felt like when their roads still sucked.” It’s not fun, not fun at all. And they say it’d be months before the road is back to normal. MONTHS. You can just imagine how much worse this would get once it starts to rain. They better finish all that before typhoon season starts or it’s just going to suck even worse and a lot of people will be pissed.