The Weight is the Issue

My weight has always been kind of an issue for me. I try not to talk about it too much but it’s really something that I think about a lot. I guess it’s because I’ve almost gotten back to the weight that I was back in College and that was when I was at my biggest.

I guess in some ways it’s good that I have gained the weight back because at least I’m not sickly. When I lost a lot of weight before, my immune system got shot and I suffered from a whole slew of health problems. I was sick all the time and I had what I felt like some kind of unidentified, undiagnosed eating disorder. I just didn’t want to eat and then I got sicker and sicker until I got so weak and sick I had to be hospitalized. I got diagnosed first with lupus then MCTD and things, as they say, are history.

So now I’ve gained back the weight and I’m not quite happy about it. I see old pictures of me when I was unhealthy and yet so thin and I miss those days. People tell me I look better like this and I also do my best to agree and say so but at times I just can’t help thinking I’d look and feel so much better if I lost some weight. It’s probably true. I do need to stop eating so much crap and start exercising again. But well, food is just so good and exercising is just so gross.

I’ve probably blogged about this before and I’ve always said that I would actually get up and start being healthier but the motivation always escapes me after a while and I find myself going back and munching on that piece of chocolate.

Such is my life.


Friday Night

Good food, good company, good effort.

A good Friday.

And I am tired and sleepy and still kind of bursting with the chicken lollipops I ate for dinner. I had dinner with a good friend and we had a great time catching up. I was also able to buy our donations and get them to my high school. I was easily allowed in when I said that I was going to be bringing in donations. Students were packing up relief goods and it was kind of amazing to see them at it. They looked exhausted like they’ve been at it for hours but they still kept on going. It was a pretty awesome sight.

Yeah, good, good Friday.


Cold Coffee on a Cool Saturday

It was kind of a busy day today and I wasn’t able to take a nap so I’m already kind of tired and sleepy right now, though I guess I should be since it’s already a bit past 10PM as I write this. The weather was good enough that my Mom and I were able to go scout for gifts. It was a treat of a Saturday, especially since I was able to have this:


Kori Kopi from UCC Vienna Cafe! And yes, those are coffee ice cubes and what you do is you pour warm milk over everything. It was kind of bitter and went perfectly with the blueberry cheesecake that I had with it. It reminded me of the Vietnamese Coffee that I had months ago, so of course I had to get it. ‘Was just feeling a wee bit nostalgic, I guess. It was also just nice to be out and about while the weather outside wasn’t so bad.

I sort of feel guilty posting about the mundane details of my life when a lot of people are currently facing big problems, like if they have a home to come back to after the typhoon. But it’s really just exhausting to blog about upsetting things. It’s just too sad for me to continue talking about the stuff that has happened here in the Philippines…

Meanwhile, I would like to thank all the new people who have started following me. I don’t really know why you’re all here, but thank you. It’s always nice to see when what you write gets an audience.

For now, though, I have to say goodnight. I’m yawning and that’s usually a sign that I should sign off soon.

Until tomorrow.


Crissy’s Cure for Colds

Just putting this here to remind myself of what to do when I start getting the sniffles or coughing:

  1. Up your dosage of Vitamin C. Take Vitamin C tablets but also consume natural sources of Vitamin C. For me, I eat kiwi and drink lemon/calamansi juice.
  2. Drink lots of fluids. Keep hydrated and drink lots of water. Drinking hot herbal teas would also be good to loosen phlegm and soothe the throat. Avoid coffee and black tea as these tend to cause dehydration instead.
  3. Add honey and cinnamon to your diet. With my lemon/calamansi juice, I put a spoonful of pure/raw honey and a bit of cinnamon. It’s soooo yummy and comforting.
  4. Also have some kind of soup with ginger, onions and garlic. Piping hot chicken tinola with lots of ginger, onions and garlic is my comfort food when I have colds. Once, I also boiled some ginger, onions and garlic with a little instant noodle seasoning for a healthier version of instant chicken noodle soup.
  5. Spicy foods are also good. Mm, jjamphong is perfect for this. Maybe I should also get around to trying to cook tortilla soup.  Spicy food helps open the sinuses and makes the nose run, which is actually good. Gross, but good.
  6. Keep warm and dry. Cold is awful when you have a cold. Also, don’t let sweat dry out on your back and chest.
  7. Cover your throat when you sleep. Or even when you’re awake if possible. It’s just another way of comforting myself.
  8. Use Vicks. It’s effective for me. It helps  me sleep better when I have colds.
  9. Sleep at least 7 hours a night. Take naps during lunchbreak at work. Just get as much rest as possible.
  10. Take lozenges and lagundi syrup. When it gets really bad.

If things get worse after a week or so, see a doctor.

Can I Just Sleep Here Until the Weekend?

My knees hurt.

This is the result of walking around Makati for about an hour and a half and being so darn tired that I thought “oh whatever” and decided not to put them up as I should have done. In a while, I’ll be taking Biogesic to hopefully help with the pain. Right now, I’m also quite tired and worn out and not really looking forward to moving about again later tonight after I’ve left the office. But. SPANISH BUFFET AT ALBA’S IN MAKATI AVENUE FOR FREE. I must go. I MUST. Even if I have to go and walk there again from Glorietta!

So what is going on? Why am I exhausted?

Well, my Aunt from Bicol is here for a couple of things and she’s staying in Manila until Friday morning. She’s the type who doesn’t really travel a lot and would rather have people with her when she’s somewhere unfamiliar. My mother is currently accompanying her and they invited me to stay with them in their hotel for two nights, if I wanted to. I thought about it, about the hassle and unpredictableness of having to sleep somewhere else at night when I have work during the day. It would wear me out, I was quite sure, but in the end, I said “yes”.

Why, Crissy? Why go through all this hassle? Now you’re all exhausted and you’re cursing yourself and your aching knees. Why put yourself through this “torture-cation”?

Simple answer: I’m bored and I need a distraction.

Don’t you ever get so bored that you just want to break routine in any way that you can? Yeah, this set up is kind of crazy and inconvenient, like this morning I had to wake up at 6am after passing out at 11pm the night before because I would be left alone in the hotel room and that didn’t really sit well with me or my Mom. And last night, I had to walk from Glorietta to Valdez St. near Makati Avenue because the taxi lines were long and no jeepneys were going the way I was.  And I’ll probably do that again later tonight. But I guess it’s sort of worth of it. Like, tonight, I’ll be eating free at a Spanish restaurant (WINE AND TAPAS?!) and my Mom is also going to reimburse my fare and other food that I eat after coming from work. Plus I get to sleep in an airconditioned room that I don’t need to share with anyone and I don’t need to pay anything. It’s a kind of more tiring staycation, I guess, but well, this doesn’t happen everyday. It’s nice to mix things up a bit, even if I do get super tired due to the effort exerted.

…I’m still kind of tired, though, hahaha…


Long day was long. I spent most of it trying to get my boss’ visa requirements submitted and approved. We were successful with his Alien Employment Permit but not with his 9G Visa. We were too late for the cut off and apparently our requirements were incomplete. Then we were passed around as we tried to get a satisfactory answer on what the hell to do about our predicament. In the end, his Visa has to be downgraded and he has to apply for his 9G Visa again.

I don’t have enough patience to run these kinds of errands. They really need someone to do this for them. I’m just bad at dealing with people and government bureaucracy. Everything and everyone’s just a pain in the ass. And I am so sick of people telling us that we should have filed for his visa earlier. I know, okay? I KNOW.

And we probably took the longest jeepney ride of our lives from Quiapo to Edsa Extension. How did we get from Intramuros to Quiapo, you ask? Well, since it’s a three-day holiday this coming weekend, there’s traffic everywhere and we couldn’t get a taxi. We ended up taking a jeep to Quiapo to look for a better chance of getting home. Alas, the LRT was crowded and taxis were still hard to flag at that hour. Thank goodness for jeepneys that go all the way along FB Harrison. But still the traffic was awful and jeepneys are not the most comfortable of public transportation to ride. By the end of it, my boss and I were feeling pretty sick.

And have I mentioned how I’m tired of spending time with my boss? I am and before I have my coffee at lunch, I’m really tempted to type up a resignation letter so I can not spend time with him ever again.

Is there a happy ending to all this? Yes, sort of. I get to come later to work tomorrow and I got to eat a yummy pesto tofu burger at Burger Project again.

But I still don’t get a three-day weekend.