Life Update #2: PGH, My Brother and the Hobo(nichi)

A couple of things happened since the last time:

Hospital Confinement. Two weeks ago, my body decided it would be cool to get a cold and a cough, which was not really good given how my immunity was down and it could get really, really bad very quickly. Then I woke up on the third day of my cough and colds with what felt like a migraine followed by a bit of vertigo. My doctor wanted me admitted to a hospital so I finally agreed. First, we went to San Juan de Dios but found out that there were no vacant beds. Not wanting the time spent going there to be wasted, I had some tests done to give an idea of what was going on with me. Apparently I had a mild case of pneumonia. No antibiotics were prescribed as I was going to be transferred to another hospital so I went home to wait to be admitted to the Philippine General Hospital (PGH). Again, the hospital was packed. We were on the waiting list for four days before I was finally admitted and what we got was the Deluxe Room which was practically a suite. I stayed there for about five days which I spent most of just hanging out, being bored and getting fat. There were also some tests and examinations done. My meds were adjusted and apparently I also had benign positional vertigo.  I was released with instructions to rest for another two weeks.

Noel is Off to Australia. My first week back at home was surprisingly busy because we were preparing for Noel to leave for Australia where he is to study and work with the intention of staying. The arrangements have been going on for a few months now and now that we’re just waiting for his visa, it’s only really just hitting me that he’s actually going to be leaving soon and I have no idea when I’ll get to see him again. Sure, there’s Facebook and Instagram and things but it just wouldn’t be the same. And seriously, I don’t think I’m ready to have my brother be all the way in another continent. It’s just…unfathomable to me. So we’re just waiting. And preparing. That’s just all we could really do at this point.

#theroadtohobo2017. So people who follow me on Instagram probably already know that I plan my everyday life using an actual paper-based planner and that I’m also really into making it as fun for me as possible. This year, I’ve been using the green Moleskine planner from Starbucks as my main planner. I like the weekly layout and I think it suits my needs. I also happen to have a red passport-size Traveler’s Notebook from CN Paper Crafts which I bring around because the Starbucks planner can get pretty heavy. The Macata, which is the official name of CN Paper Craft’s Traveler’s Notebook, also has a copy of my weekly agenda and I use it to plan on the go. It also houses two inserts for notes, lists, and other things I just happen to want to write down at any time. It can even serve as a wallet in times of really wanting to save space and weight in my bag. I also used to keep a journal but I have fallen out of the habit around the time when I was starting to feel really crappy. I’m also pretty into sticking things into my journal so the journal ends up being really thick and heavy and I just leave it in the house. I miss it though so I want to get back into the habit and I want to be able to do it wherever I may be when the mood strikes. And so #theroadtohobo2017. I will be trying out the Hobonichi Planner (A6) next year. The Hobonichi planners are made with Tomoe River Paper which is really lightweight so it would be more convenient to bring around anywhere and that’s what I need, I think. My friend and I already put in our orders and I am really looking forward to receiving our happy mail. ❤ I even got a really cute cover and some accessories and everything to go with the planner. That’s how excited I am! 😀 I have no chill when I really enjoy something, haha. So that’s what’s been keeping me in a good mood these past few days. I’ll probably post more about my planners and other planner-related things in the future because that’s where my interests currently lie.

So that’s it for now. Sorry for the lack of pictures and the links to Instagram. Hopefully the next entries will be better.

Until next time. 🙂


General Life Update

I’m doing this on my phone because I am actually too lazy to set up and turn on my laptop. That is actually a thing now.

Anyway, hi. Hello. It’s been forever and I just thought I’d write something down to update whoever has been wondering about whatever I’ve been up to lately, especially nowadays when I’ve been kinda quiet in social media. ‘Funny how we have all these avenues of communication but we can still keep most of our stuff private when we choose to…

Currently, I am on Week 2 of Sick Leave. Next week will be Week 3 because my doctor doesn’t think I’m fit to go back to work quite yet. What happened? Well, let’s just say the past year or so has been an exercise of testing my health’s limits and I really have to say, I have surpassed them well and good so here we are. On “house arrest” and recovering.

The past two weeks have been good despite the bouts of boredom and cabin fever. I do actually enjoy not doing anything and just letting recovery happen. I am given time to just sit back and relax, also reflect about things like stress management and just basically being more gentle with myself which I think I sorely needed. There’s also the freedom to revisit old and discover new interests and hobbies though I am also too lazy to usually do more than plan things in my head and watch Netflix. But as I’ve been trying to do, I’m not putting pressure on myself to actually get these things done. I’m supposed to be resting anyway and so that’s what I’m going to do. There will be time for all that later and I just need to write said plans down somewhere so as not to forget.

Slowing down and trying to take better care of myself. That’s basically where I’m at right now and I hope things will just continue getting better from now on.

7 Days into December

Hi everyone!

Yes, I’m back for a bit. Hopefully I’ll be back more often because there’s a conspiracy going on and I am getting so many followers! I don’t know how this happened and why but I would like to thank all of you anyway. Hopefully my blog is doing something positive for those of you who decided to go ahead and follow me.

BUT ANYWAY! So it’s December. Christmas month and also my brother and my birthday months. The other day I was looking at my planner and couldn’t believe how filled up it is! Suddenly I’m so popular and social, haha. But there’s just something that pumps me up during the holiday season. I actually look forward to parties and such and I also feel kind of more generous. It’s the season of giving and receiving after all so maybe that’s it.

I’ve been caught in the flurry of holiday preparations the past week, both at work and at home. I’ve been labeling envelopes and mailing cards for my boss and other members of our group. There’s plans of me doing a bit of shopping to prepare gifts for the people who have been very helpful to us for the past year. It all kind of makes me feel frantic but also a bit excited. Gifts are always fun to shop for for me. Hopefully the shopping all goes well.

Meanwhile, I’ve been more enthusiastic about my own gifts and giveaways this year. I haven’t offered out to write for people this year but I’ve been sending and receiving actual letters recently so I got hit with the idea to send out Christmas cards of my own. I’ve managed to send all of them out this past week and I’m happy to find out that one of my cards have been received! It’s amazing because I only put down my cards for ordinary mail and it usually takes the upwards of two weeks for ordinary mail to get to their recipients. Even my university got into the spirit of sending cards:

2013-12-04 18.18.26

And yes, that is a birthday card. I am about to have my birthday soon, which explains my popularity according to a friend of mine, haha. The card made me so happy I actually also sent them a card back. 😀 Who knows, maybe they’ll give me a gift next time. 😉

Gifts. I’ve been going around getting gifts for people and I enjoy most every trip. I like trying my best at getting people gifts that they would actually like and use. So far, I think I’ve got a success rate of about 70%. I’ve got a story for you about giving gifts but that would have to wait until the next entry!

Happy weekend everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying it.

And the Christmas Season Starts



This was where I was last night! A benefit concert for one of our most popular churches here in Manila. As you can see, most everyone was on the dance floor, dancing their butts off. At this time, I was taking a breather because the band didn’t cease playing for one whole set which was an hour long each and there were two sets! Most of the time, though, I was singing and dancing along. It was hard to resist since most everyone was doing it. It was awesome.

The Christmas season has started and things are going to get crazy busy again. Already my calendar is being filled up with get togethers and parties. This is pretty normal this time of year and I actually can’t wait because it’s a chance to see people I haven’t seen in a while and to eat lots of good food.

It’s the end of November and so another round of NaBloPoMo ends. Thank you all so much for following, commenting and reading. I think I’ve missed some people and I’m really sorry about that but please trust that I read and received your comments. I hope you’ll still stick around even after November and I hope you all enjoy the coming holidays.

The Boss

It just really struck home for me today that in six months, if I’m still in this job, that my boss would not be my boss anymore.

And the realization made me really, really sad.

We’ve come to a point where I think we’ve sort of found a rhythm and we’ve gotten comfortable enough about working together. He is a boss with exacting standards and is quite firm on how he wants things done, but at the same time he is also warm and considerate. He makes me feel appreciated and is always there to support me when I need him to. On top of that, he seems to like me and expects and trusts that I could do the work that he assigns me with.

So I know I’ll miss him when he goes and vacates that office and leaves me in the hands of my next boss, whoever he may be.

 There’s still six months, though. I guess I’ll just have to make them count.

Crissy’s Happy Bag

I have been thinking of gifts the past week, especially when my friends and I have sort of decided that we’re going to have a Christmas Party and our exchange of gifts was going to be different from usual. We’re going to hold some sort of raffle where everyone gets a random gift that was brought by someone. We have a budget of P300-400 and the possibilities are pretty exciting, I think.

The idea of my so-called Happy Bag came to be because how exciting is it to receive more than one thing at once? So yes, if you feel like indulging me, here are some things that you can put in a goodie bag for me:

  1. a cute notebook with a 0.3 point gel pen
  2. a mug
  3. a Twix or a Snickers bar (or three!)
  4. Doritos Taco Salad or Cheetos Cheddar Jalapeno
  5. coffee or earl grey tea
  6. a book
  7. a reading light
  8. a  Cinamoroll plushie

Ah, now if only someone would actually give me a goodie bag for Christmas, hahaha! 😀