Too tired to brain an entry

Was at a benefit concert. Sang myself hoarse and danced myself to exhaustion.



Blame It On the Radio

I was sitting in a car earlier this afternoon and then something being said on the radio got my attention. There was a game going on and what the contestant had to do was guess the name of the songs being played. The DJ asked the contestant what kind of songs he wanted to guess, those in the regular programming or those being played on Saturdays, which are usually old songs and the like. The contestant chose the Saturday playlist (the DJ even joked that they would play songs that correspond to his age) and it blew my mind when they played the songs. Sukiyaki by 4PM, Shy Guy by Diana King– Has it really been that long since those songs were out? Honestly, I was surprised. The contestant and I were around the same age. It was just mind boggling.

I guess I’ll always be kind of in denial about how old these songs really are now because they’re signs of how I have also aged. Sure, I’m not yet that old but I’m old enough to have most of my favorite songs be on weekend radio playlists. It’s not really sad, just kind of weird sometimes because I can still remember so clearly how I listened to the radio all the time before to wait for my favorite songs to air.

Yeah and that just gives you another idea of how long ago that was! Do young people still listen to the radio and wait for songs? I don’t know. With iPods and everything, you can just pull up whatever playlist or song you want to listen to so easily. No more waiting or anything. Very convenient but it lacks a certain sense of nostalgia, I think.

I Wish This Happened to Me

The video is not embedding so if you have the time, please watch this video.

It’s videos like this that remind me that unexpected yet awesome things happen everyday, that each day brings an opportunity to be surprised and moved, to feel alive.

The music flashmob is staged, but I don’t know about the girl who put the coin in the hat. What if she wasn’t part of the act? I’m sure that’s one experience she’s not likely to forget anytime soon.

(I actually felt tears starting to creep up along the sides of my eyes and a smile was practically splitting my face into two. That’s how incredible this video is, I think.)

Happy Friday! 😀

Christmas Cards!


This was what I was busy with today. No, I didn’t make that, haha. I wish! But I was labeling Christmas cards to send out. It’s for work and I’ve still got a number to go through but I’m not complaining. It’s fun and I get to see the different designs that we have. They’re all handmade like this and you really have to admire the perseverance of some people with their craft.

Christmas is Just Around the Corner


Christmas lights outside Lasalle Benilde

Despite recent tragedy caused by Typhoon Yolanda, it still cannot be denied that Christmas is almost here. The Christmas decorations have started coming out and Christmas songs are playing on the radio. At work, my boss is already compiling a list of people the group is going to send gifts to and as for me, I’m already thinking of what to get my family and friends.

A lot of people seem to be united under the idea to keep it simple with respect to what has happened in Central Philippines and I couldn’t agree more, though I have to admit that I also wish to keep it simple due to my financial situation. Unfortunately, that operation from last month was a huge drain on my finances so things are going to be very simple this year. Still, despite the lack of money to blow on gifts, I want to make a special effort since it’s the holidays after all and one can give without spending so much. So I’m here, brainstorming.

Hopefully something good comes out of it, haha.

Lazy Post

It’s one of those days when I feel like I should live life being all bubble wrapped. I was just trying to open a bottle of coffee and the next thing I knew, the bottle cracked and I had cut my finger. Ugh.

Aside from that, today was a fun day. We spent it with our cousins from the States who came down for a visit. There was a lot of food and conversation, definitely a lot of fun. They’re leaving tonight so I hope they have a safe trip back home.

I had a very entertaining conversation with my uncle. This was how it went:

Uncle: What about you?

Me: What about me?

Uncle: Why don’t you have a boyfriend?

Me: Because I don’t have a boyfriend.

Yeah, I thought it made sense and was pretty funny, haha.

Monday again tomorrow. How the weekend just passes us by…

An OST for Today

This morning, I started watching the K-Drama Marry Him If You Dare and this song was featured. Apparently it’s a very popular song in Korea:

Mama was walking around the house and she was singing something. I couldn’t recall what the song was but since this was Mama, I’ll put in Abba’s Dancing Queen:

Then two of my friends came over and we started talking. One of the topics was about Sana Dati and how the song Indak by Up Dharma Down was just perfect for the film’s ending:

Then the conversation turned to oldies music:

And the day ended with a sudden flashback to high school and random singing and dancing to an anime theme song happened  (though Free! is a very recent anime, haha):