Christmas is Just Around the Corner


Christmas lights outside Lasalle Benilde

Despite recent tragedy caused by Typhoon Yolanda, it still cannot be denied that Christmas is almost here. The Christmas decorations have started coming out and Christmas songs are playing on the radio. At work, my boss is already compiling a list of people the group is going to send gifts to and as for me, I’m already thinking of what to get my family and friends.

A lot of people seem to be united under the idea to keep it simple with respect to what has happened in Central Philippines and I couldn’t agree more, though I have to admit that I also wish to keep it simple due to my financial situation. Unfortunately, that operation from last month was a huge drain on my finances so things are going to be very simple this year. Still, despite the lack of money to blow on gifts, I want to make a special effort since it’s the holidays after all and one can give without spending so much. So I’m here, brainstorming.

Hopefully something good comes out of it, haha.


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