The State of the Nation

Wow, what a day it was for the Philippines.

The whole country was probably glued to TVs or radios as the Janet Napoles Senate Hearing progressed. You really couldn’t escape it and I doubt a lot of people wanted to. After all, the public wants justice for the crimes that Napoles had been accused of. I wasn’t able to listen or watch the whole thing but I kind of got the gist of it:

Basically, Napoles caused a whole lot of frustration because she wasn’t answering anything concretely.

It was just kind of nuts, really. She asked for the hearing to be postponed and she wasn’t granted that, but I do have to wonder, would things have gone differently had she been allowed more time? Would she have actual, workable answers beyond “Hindi ko po alam“. (“I don’t know.”) and “Hindi ko po alam sa kanila.” (“I don’t know with them.”)? It’s hard to tell. It all just seemed like a practice in futility. Oh, Philippine politics…

And all this in the wake of a super-typhoon.Ā 

What are we to do?

Well, I don’t know about the Napoles Case. That’s kind of out of my hands. I just wish that things will turn out for the best though it’s hard to really put faith in such an idea, given how crazy it’s gotten. Meanwhile, I’ll prepare for the typhoon’s landfall tomorrow. ‘Got to prepare my boots and other things.

Stay safe, Philippines.

Here. Have a picture of a peaceful beach scenery at night time.

Here. Have a picture of a peaceful beach scenery at night time.


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    • Oh gosh, thank you very much for reading and for the nomination! I’m glad that you’re enjoying the stuff that I write. I hope you also have a great day. šŸ™‚

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