Idle Monday Musings

I was supposed to have a picture to post but I forgot to take it. It was the view of the hallway leading to my office and then right beside my door is my orange umbrella. It’s an unexpected burst of color within the scene, of something I see everyday. The sight is just so uplifting to me for some reason; it always brings a smile to my face when I see it.

The weather was really strange today. It was raining when I was on my way to work and then it eventually pitter-pattered away to reveal a sunny day. It rained on and off the whole day, like the weather was having trouble trying to decide which way it preferred to go. I didn’t mind as I stayed indoors for the most part, though I would have preferred it to be cloudier so it won’t be as bright in my office.

It was another moderately busy Monday. Even though my boss wasn’t around, I had much to do and for the most part, I didn’t mind. It was just the way things were at the job and it always makes me feel accomplished whenever I cross things off of my daily to-do list at work.

This Monday was okay, not great but also not terrible.

I guess it could be worse and that’s another blessing.

Tuesday tomorrow.

I hope it’s better.


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