The Blessing of Legs

Today, I walked a lot. I walked from home to the Starbucks near our place then farther on to a mall where I did some grocery shopping. I probably was on my feet for more than an hour total and I was tired, my back hurt a little, but I felt so invigorated.

Two weeks ago, I had an operation done on my leg due to an infected boil. Despite how I was allowed to go back to work a mere two days later after the procedure, I still wasn’t at 100%. On top of how worried I was about my new surgical incision’s healing process, I was also having trouble walking. I guess the leg was still traumatized over what happened and was begging me to take it easy. So I did.

It was torture. I had to limit my walks and that meant taking early car rides with my Mom to work or taking a taxi. I also couldn’t move around as much as I wanted because then my feet would swell and the knee on my other leg would hurt. I had to walk at a more leisurely place which was just hard for me to do when I usually walked like I always had somewhere important to go to. For the first few days, I was limping and I absolutely hated it, but I had no choice. I was so tired whenever I got home that I pretty much spent it lying down on my bed. The weekend came and my legs still felt shaky and painful. I also spent most of the weekend in bed and I felt so sorry for myself.

Taking it slow paid off, though. Last week, my leg was feeling better. I didn’t feel as tired after walking around some and my knee wasn’t protesting movement anymore. By Wednesday, I was walking normally. By Friday, I found myself running and everything felt okay.

For me, being able to walk on my own is one kind of independence. Being able to walk meant that I could do whatever and go wherever  I want whenever I want. It’s something that we all take for granted, a part of our life that we often overlook because it’s just there. This experience has been another lesson in not taking things for granted because we’ll never really know how important something seemingly obvious and normal could be until its taken away.


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