The Good With the Bad

It’s just Tuesday and already I got mad at work. This is not looking good for my job’s track record. I actually talked to my Mom about today and she flat out told me,

“Write your resignation letter.”

You see, it’s just been crazy at work. I think I may have mentioned that before? Yeah, but anyway. It’s just crazy and I’m doing so much and I think all that I’m getting from it is falling productivity and all this stress. It just feels like it isn’t worth it most days. Mama says I don’t need to be abused and it looks like that’s what they’re doing. I’m working and all I’m getting is even more work. It’s frustrating. And I think I’m starting to fall behind on stuff. I’m starting to make mistakes and it’s really upsetting.

But anyway, meanwhile, I guess people like the Stony shirt, lol. That post got the most views ever on this blog. You fangirls (fanboys?) are nuts, hahaha.


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