Today’s Realizations

Ever get that feeling where you are in a place and it feels like that place where you can be wholly yourself or be the kind of person that you want to be? I just realized this when I went into a bookstore today. I saw all the books, checked out the new titles that I wanted to read and I felt like I belonged. I also wondered if it would ever happen someday that someone would be walking along an aisle of books in a bookstore, pick out my book from the pile and become interested from just reading the summary. (It’s probably silly not to think of people buying the books that I write, but I don’t really think about it that way. Is that weird? :D)


While chilling out in the midst of absent and late employees, schedule changes and boss tantrums, I have come to the conclusion that HR people should be canonized as saints. People think we’re dumb, crazy and/or unreasonable but just imagine the enormity of what we do. Which is just, you know, deal with uncountable people issues that usually blindside us while balancing all that with the company’s goals, needs and standards. And we just do that everyday, day in, day out. Yeah, nothing special at all.


You know it’s Christmas season when delicious food that’s not everyday fare shows up at the house and you feel almost no guilt when you eat them all. Cheat day. You mean CHEAT SEASON.


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