It’s the Thought That Counts This Christmas

Christmas is almost here. It’s just a month away or so, right? While the weather here in the Philippines has not progressed that much in terms of coldness, it’s quite obvious in other things. Christmas decorations are popping up in stores. There’s more stalls lining up the road, selling all sorts of things for gifts. I wait for the train at the LRT and get treated to Christmas carols playing over the LRT’s sound system. Prices are dropping in these discount coupon websites I am subscribed to. They’re even offering gadgets like the much-coveted Samsung Galaxy Note II and Samsung Galaxy S III on sale and it looks like a couple of people are actually taking the bait. People just seem to be more generous with their money right now. At least in some situations. I’m sure these people who have taken advantage of the gadget sales also have a bit more money to spare compared to others or they just really, really want them.

It’s not the same for other people and it’s made obvious in our own Christmas preparations at work. Today, we kicked off planning for our Christmas Party, which is to be held on December 1. Kind of early but I’m not complaining. It’s the only time when the majority seems to be available so we booked a function room and ordered a buffet dinner. We also started on the yearly exchange gift tradition and picked out the person we were supposed to give gifts to using pieces of paper with our names on them. Tomorrow, we will be writing our wish lists on the white board and we’ll all look forward to getting our wished for gifts on the day of the Christmas Party. Our budget for the gifts was supposed to be P500 but some people asked for a reconsideration on the budget. I think we’re lowering it and I think that’ll be good for everyone. Despite how people seem to be more generous around this time of the year, I think people would still prefer not having to spend so much. I know I would. Hence my post about wanting to be more creative about my gift giving.

I think I’ll be happy with simple gifts, like cute notebooks and pens. I’m not a hard person to please. I don’t really need a Samsung Galaxy Note II though it would be awesome if someone gave me one. It’s not necessary, though. I’ll be happy with whatever I receive because I think being given gifts nowadays is a privilege given how things are for most people money-wise. It’s really true for me that it’s the thought that counts, that despite how money’s a bit tight, you still bothered to think of getting me a gift for Christmas.

So thank you, currently-unknown exchange gift partner. Thank you for the time and money you’ll spend to be able to give me a gift on December 1st. 🙂


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