Relevant Questions for Today

  1. Why do Mondays freaking suck?
  2. How did my Monday turn from “dude chill” to “OH NO FFFFFF—-“?
  3. Why does this have to happen?
  4. Why do I keep worrying about things I have no control over?
  5. “Why can’t [they] value you more?”
  6. When is this day ending?
  7. Why must earning a living be so hard?
  8. Why do I have to have a period?
  9. Why can’t I drink a toffee nut latte when I want to?
  10. Why can’t I eat another toffee nut banana McFlurry now?
  11. Why does peanut butter have to be so expensive?
  12. Why is The Avengers so awesome?
  13. Why can’t I RP like I used to?
  14. What is writing motivation?
  15. Why did I only write all this down now?
  16. Why do we have to sleep?
  17. Who said that was a good idea anyway?
  18. Why can’t we have more hours in a day?
  19. Who doesn’t want to go to work tomorrow again?
  20. Do you think I should actually try and answer these questions tomorrow?

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