We Wanna Party But We Got No Soul

The next media club meeting is tomorrow and as usual I am cramming our subject of discussion. It’s a bit easier for me to do that this time as it’s Elaine’s turn and she gave us Lene’s 2003 debut and only solo album, Play With Me. And yes, I’m talking about Lene from Aqua who were responsible for this:

And this:

It actually still boggles my mind how they are able to work with two different genres of music, but they really were able to do it well. As for Lene here, I really didn’t know what to expect when I started on listening to her album. Actually I forgot that her album is the one that we’re going to be discussing tomorrow, so I was a bit surprised about it when I unzipped the file. I kind of braced myself for what was to come. Will I jump out of my seat and start dancing like it’s COME ON BARBIE LET’S GO PARTY? Or will it bring me back to Singapore with Kuya Josh as he led us through the mysterious pathways of the MRT and he happened to sing Turn Back Time (my brother didn’t know the song. He is so from another generation)?

I’ll be saving my actual thoughts on this for tomorrow, maybe even make a blog entry out of them, but I have to say this: people from my generation will most probably enjoy this record and so would you young ‘uns who have never heard of the movie Sliding Doors starring Gwyneth Paltrow. Lene’s Play With Me is worth checking out.

Play With Me



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