PMS Most Probably Played a Huge Role in the Crazy Today

Today was kind of a yo-yo day. You know, that kind of day when one moment you’re high and the next you’re low. Today was like that and it was kind of exhausting.

I woke up feeling kind of inexplicably awful. Nothing aches or anything like that, but I just didn’t feel good. As I went through my morning routine, I just started thinking about work and effortlessly worked myself up to a bad mood. ‘Work’s been crazy nowadays. I’ve got so many things that I needed to do and not enough time to do them all, much less take substantial breaks. Good thing I was sort of distracted by Chef Bourdain’s Tumblr so I didn’t end up whipping myself into a fine, frothy rage before I even stepped into the office.

Work started out as it usually did. There was work and I slowly got down to being productive, but then my boss called and asked me to do something. Of course that wasn’t anything new but today it felt doubly irritating. I was going to be handed more work to do because someone was being sloppy about doing a job that was supposed to be theirs. I took deep, calming breaths and just went ahead and got started. I was pissed off, but I followed through. What else could I do? And then a few minutes later my boss called to say no need to do it as she did it already. You would not believe the feeling of relief that washed over me at that.

Lunch rolled around and it ended with an excellent half cup of coffee. Add this 90’s Pop and Dance Playlist and I was well and truly distracted but feeling quite happier than I was just a few minutes earlier. This happy mood carried me on through some meticulous and painstaking accounting work until I had to leave the office. I didn’t mind this errand so much as I knew it wouldn’t take long. I was done in under an hour, so I was soon going back to the office.

On the way back, though, I was almost swiped not once, but twice by speeding jeepneys. Pasay, I have a question for you. What are sidewalks? I bet your answer is “I don’t know” seeing as you lack them! UGH! Pasay. Why must you be so deprived of a lot of good things?! Gone was my good humor as I trudged back to the office.

Until I spied plushies being sold by the street. This cute little Iron Man plushie only cost P120 and a poor, forlorn, dirty (but washable!) Cinamoroll plushie was P75. Maybe I’ll come back for them come pay day. I like plushies even if I never really do anything with them. And did you know that McDonald’s now has Toffee Nut McFlurry?! I can’t wait to try one!

And then more bad news when I arrived at the office. More work was being heaped on me. My boss talked to me and said she knew how much work I was already doing but this added work was really, really important. I listened to her talk about things that I knew and understood, but just couldn’t accept then and there. I listened and tried my best not to cry. It was just too much already and I felt so sick of everything. I practically work non-stop after timing in and I hardly take breaks. Despite that, I barely get to finish enough of everything as it is. Now I had even more work on top of everything else…

No, today wasn’t really a good day though it had its moments. At least it ended with me laughing with my Mom…

I hope things are better tomorrow.


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