It’s Days Like Today

It’s days like today when I remember that I’m not exactly “like everyone else”. It was a busy day. My boss kept calling to check, confirm and remind. I had a To-Do List that’s almost 10 items long as I had to absorb some work that other people couldn’t do between one thing or another. And no, I didn’t get to finish everything. I hardly ever do. Today was also the day when I had to commute to Makati to go to PhilHealth which is never easy for me, between using public transportation and bearing the heat and the crowds. Of course when I got back to the office there’s still more work to be done and even more for tomorrow that I wasn’t finish today.

I’m exhausted. The back of my neck hurts and my shoulder feels tense. When I swallow, it hurts a little and I feel what might be the beginnings of a cold. I also kind of feel hot. So tired like I might be getting a fever and I remember how my doctor calls it “fatigue”. I took the time to take a break and relax before going back to the office from PhilHealth by getting off at The Columns to have cold kopi and kaya toast at Kopi Roti. My doctor had said the last time I visited, “I will hold you responsible for your condition. You need to watch what you eat.” As usual, the LRT was crowded on my way home. I wasn’t able to ride on the first car and again my doctor’s words ring in my head, “Avoid crowds. You never know who is sick in a crowd.”

It’s days like today when I hate how I have these limitations that impair me and prevent me from having a normal life. No, I’m not normal, no matter how I may seem, and it can be very frustratingly inconvenient at times.


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