I’m Anti-Social, Awkward and Employed. Oh and I was in Makati today.

There’s this unknown number that had been sending me messages the past few weeks. I kept ignoring it, thinking it was just one of those people looking for a text mate and I had no time nor patience to give for a text mate, really. This person seemed very persistent, though, so I started thinking this may be someone I actually knew. So I finally texted back and asked them who they were. It turned out it was this guy whom my Aunt in Masbate gave my number to. She had mentioned to me before that it’d be nice for me to have guy friends. I told my Mom about this guy and she said she’s pretty sure the guy’s okay since my Aunt must know him and had enough confidence in him to give him my number. “It’s just friends. He’s not going to be marrying you!” Even my brother said to just give it a try. “Just befriend him.”

And what’s my stance on this? OH HELL NO. Now, I understand my aunts have this concern for me because I never seemed to be interested in romantic relationships. They wish for me eventually to have a boyfriend and then get married, you know, the whole shebang. I know they’re just concerned and they probably feel like they’re doing me some good, but to give my number away to some guy I don’t know without my consent? And make me befriend him? To put in effort in getting to know him when I’m not interested and didn’t ask for him to text me? I’m sorry, but no. I understand, it’s just to make friends, but what if I don’t want to make friends? Have they ever thought of that? I’m sorry for sounding like a bitch, but they have put me in a very difficult situation and I’m sure they don’t understand. I’m not a very social person and it’s hard for me to find interest in most people, especially if I haven’t met them face to face and I have no idea what their interests are. Sure, I can ask them, but as of now, I don’t think I can put in that effort when I’m kind of feeling offended that they’d just give my number to some guy without my knowledge and to then force me into a situation that I don’t care for, much less appreciate. Please don’t give me surprises like this. I don’t appreciate them and I pity the guy for having to spend time and money in texting me when I’m really not interested in getting to know him.

And how do I tell him politely that I don’t want him to text me anymore? Another social conundrum for anti-social little me. UGH. Another thing I don’t want to deal with.


My Korean boss has been here in the Philippines for two years or so and he hasn’t really been anywhere. Sure, he’s been to Baguio and some other places, but that’s it. Before, when Clark, our one and only male teacher, was around, he’d take our boss out on weekends to places like Luneta, the malls, et cetera, just so he can stretch his legs and just look around. Now though, Clark’s not with the company anymore and so Mr. Jang, my boss, is again just stuck doing nothing most weekends. He wants to go to other places, see other things in the Philippines, but he can’t do that without a guide since getting around here in Manila still escapes him and he fears being mugged again, which has already happened once. If only I were a guy, I’d take him out on weekends too and show him around. I’d take him wherever he wants to go, show him what he wants to see.

But I can’t because I’m a girl, he’s my boss and doing that by myself will be awkward, haha.


I was forced to go to Makati’s PhilHealth branch earlier this week because apparently that’s where Pasay-based companies are supposed to conduct their business with PhilHealth. It was a long commute, requiring an LRT ride from Edsa to Buendia and then switching to a Guadalupe-Cartimar jeepney. Well, not exactly a long commute when you think about it, I think it only took me 30 minutes or so, but I went around 1pm and the sun was high in the sky. It was so hot and it just wasn’t the best time to be going around, but I had no choice, really. As I was sitting in the cramped jeepney, sweating like a pig and being miserable, I realized how these trips to different government offices have made me pretty adept at commuting through public transportation and finding my way in unfamiliar areas in the Metro. I thought that was pretty cool.  Another skill to add to the skill set.

And since I’m already talking about work, let me tell you more about it. My three months’ probation contract is almost over and so far I think I’ve gotten the hang of working for my company. My bosses are pretty okay, though I have to say it’s both a joy and a curse to be working for them at times, haha. My co-workers are nice and friendly. The HR and Accounting side of my job are very challenging along with the dabbling in Legal stuff, but I’ve been coping so far. I hope my boss agrees to renewing my contract, haha. I hope I’ve been a good enough addition to the staff to keep for another six months or so.

Last night, we were sitting around the dining table talking and the subject of my job came up. Mom told Noel and his girlfriend, Yla, about how she encouraged me to take this job in the first place despite the low pay and I agreed. “It was better than sitting here at home feeling sorry for myself.” I said, then joked, “Now I can sit here and feel sorry for myself while getting paid!” Yeah, I do feel sorry for myself sometimes, my job has its tedious and difficult facets, but at least I’m being paid, hahaha.


I was in Makati today! I missed Makati so much like you wouldn’t believe! Believe me, if you work around the Pasay Rotonda area, you will appreciate Makati so very much. I would like to thank my Mom for being kind and sponsoring my hair spa and haircut at Hair Click, a Korean hair and beauty salon along Polaris St. in Bel Air, Makati. Beside it was this Korean grocery where we got kimchi and other Korean treats like chapssalddeok, which is the Korean version of mochi. Then we had lunch at Cafe Mediterranean in Greenbelt and then had frozen yogurt at Qoola. Mama wanted me take a picture with my new hair so we got that done in Greenbelt 3 and while we waited we browsed around Muji and Powerbooks. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel like spending too much so I just looked around Muji though I wanted to get one of their notebooks. I ended up spending my money on cheaper, but still cute notebooks at Powerbooks. I also got a cheap pencil case to put my pens in and white out, because I love office supplies forever.

Now I’m back home and I’m quite tired but happy. It’s raining now and this entry is done.

Hello, Saturday. ❤


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