Everyday I’m Tumblr-in’

Well, no, not really. Not yet? I just got a Tumblr last Sunday after thinking about it forever and so far the experience has been… Entertaining. XD; I have to say that I agree that it has a way of really eating away at your time and life and it’s hard to get away! Especially because of all the things that you can find like pretty pictures. I’ve already found really nice pictures of RDJ, Chris Evans, Jude Law (favorite personal tag is “tangina ang pogi” HAHAHAHA) and Hetalia stuff. Looking for themes can be quite exhausting but then again that isn’t anything new to me.  I’ve found one I really like easily enough, though, so that’s great. I find it interesting, too, that some Tumblr themes are also adapted for WordPress. Lord knows I was tempted to use the same theme I have here for my Tumblr. Just to be consistent. 😛

A lot of fandoms seem to have migrated to Tumblr and I’ve been having a blast following my favorite fanfiction authors and getting access to stuff that they don’t publish on their FF.net or AO3 accounts. I guess in some ways it’s easier to just put everything on Tumblr instead of the fanfiction sites because they can include notes about their writing, etc. and no one would hardly complain. It gives you access to their ideas and writing process and it’s all just very fascinating. Well, I find it fascinating because I used to write fanfiction (I kind of… Still do? Aha. Sometimes!) and most everything that involves writing for a fic interests me. Admittedly, it’s similar to how things were like in Livejournal before, but I guess Tumblr adds a visual dimension to things so it makes things more enriched somehow.

Stalking my favorite fanfiction authors have also made me think about writing fanfiction again. I look into their Tumblrs and I miss the feeling of being able to write for myself as well as fandom and getting to know people through what I write. I met a lot of really great people when I wrote for other fandoms before and I just thought it would be nice if I could do that again. So yes, hopefully those are other things I can do.

Get back into fandom.

Start writing fanfiction again.

I think it’d be great fun.


2 thoughts on “Everyday I’m Tumblr-in’

  1. Tumblr’n when Pinterest is said to be the in thing these days?


    Tumblr for the win, though! Have you followed me yet? Har har. That’s exactly what Tumblr’n did to me when I first got involved. Have fun!

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