Baguio June 22-25, 2012 [Day 3]

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– We didn’t wake up early today. We decided to sleep in for a bit before heading down to breakfast. I think I ate too much for breakfast, but I guess it couldn’t be helped. Breakfast buffets tended to do that to people who are helpless in avoiding their lure.

– Le Monet has a beautiful garden to the side. It has a stone path, ponds and gazebo-like spaces where you can sit and just take in the peacefulness of the place. I wanted to take the time to sit there and read, but alas, it was open air and the sun and I were not friends. I took the time to take some pictures and after a while of capturing the scenery, I felt that was something was missing. Sometimes, places like this needed to be photographed with people, so after a while, I got Mama to come down and take pictures with me. The pictures came out better after that.

– Some of the morning and afternoon were spent watching one of Mama’s Korean dramas, The Rooftop Prince. It’s about a Prince who gets sent to modern day Korea along with his retainers. They have to solve a mystery before they are able to get back to their time. And of course a Korean drama won’t be complete if it doesn’t have a romance on the side. It’s cute, hahaha. I like it better than my favorite Korean actor, Jan Geun Seuk’s, Love Rain. It’s just more fun.

– At around 3pm, we set off to Mile High to find pasalubong for Kuya Arnel and Yla, Noel’s girlfriend, but to no avail. Nothing just seems right to give to them. In the end, we left with nothing.

– We headed back into the city proper to go to the Cafe By the Ruins. It’s a well-known cafe built around the remains of the old Civil Governor’s home. It has become a hotspot for the local arts scene and live performances and exhibits are often scheduled for viewing there. I read somewhere that the place offered the best native hot chocolate so of course we ordered one of their chocolate drinks, Rizal’s Tsokolate-e. Cafe By the Ruins was also known for the bread that they make in-house, so of course we ordered one of the breads: Ernie’s Camote Bread which came with a small tab of liver pate. Mama has been craving vegetable soup so she ordered this soup with spinach and mushrooms. I loved the rustic feel of the restaurant and I enjoyed being there, feeling like I have become a part of something historical, artsy and awesome. The camote bread was delicious, very soft and chewy and it went well with the pate. Mama’s soup was perfect for the rainy afternoon that we were having. The vegetables were very fresh and the soup was flavorful without being salty. As for the chocolate, I was a bit underwhelmed. It was made of native tablea as they said, but maybe the carabao’s milk robbed it of the thickness that I came to associat with my native hot chocolate. I felt like I had better hot chocolate back in Calaca, Batangas, hometown of my father, and it was definitely cheaper than that one I had in Cafe By the Ruins. Despite that disappointment, I thought the trip was well worth it. The ambiance was perfect for a rainy day and so was the soup and bread. Plus the table beside us had Angel Aquino. It made for a pretty different experience than I expected.

– We went home after that for a good night’s rest for tomorrow’s 6-hour trip back home to Manila. We watched more of The Rooftop Prince. I didn’t want to go home tomorrow. I’ve fallen in love with Baguio and what it had to offer. Alas, but we must. This was just a vacation and unfortunately it must come to an end. At least I have memories of my visit and the possibility that I could come back sometime in the future.


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