I Love My Philamlife Planner So Much

For Christmas last year, Philamlife (through my Tita who works there) gave me a 2012 planner since I was one of their plan holders. It’s this huge, thick, RED thing that looked far too big and bulky for me to bring anywhere. I keep notebooks in my bag when I go out, but nothing that big. It’s bigger than a normal notebook and as thick as a long novel. It’s also hardbound, the kind that anyone would think twice about annoying someone who is holding it. Also last Christmas, I was still pretty jobless and I was never really the type to write down appointments and reminders on a planner. I have just never done it before and back then when I wasn’t really doing anything, I didn’t feel like I needed it. And so thus it was set aside, like a lot of my other notebooks.

Ano nga bang plano ko? (What are my plans?)

Two months ago, I was still jobless and quite at the end of my wits and patience. Thank goodness Mama decided to take pity on me and had me help at her office. There’s hardly any pay, but at least I was doing something and learning some things so that was better than nothing. I at least also had some cash to live on so that I didn’t really need to touch my savings. I also got to go out of the house for office days and site visits. Suddenly, I was a lot busier than I have been in a long while. It’s fun, it’s exhilarating also sometimes frustrating and always tiring, but it was something. I also had to keep better track of my time to get things done properly.

I just wanted a small planner, something that I could bring around with me anywhere and could easily fit in my bag with no problems. I wanted to get one of those cute little planners made from recycled paper, like the ones made by Papermelroti, but I ended up getting a small notebook at National Bookstore. It’s still not a planner, though. I could list dates and events there, but it’s still not as organized as I wanted things to be. I really felt like I needed an actual planner and it’s then that I unearthed my tome of a Philamlife planner. It’s huge, it’s bulky, I still won’t be able to bring it most everywhere and I could probably use it as a murder weapon and bash someone’s brains out, but it does the job of arranging my schedule and I think it does the job well.

My schedule for June 2012 as of June 3, 2012.

I used different colored pens to write on my planner and I felt very accomplished after managing to put down my schedule for the month of June. I think I enjoyed doing that too much. Now I can’t stop writing where I’ve been, what I did, what I ate. This planner business is fun! Why have I not done this before? And you all probably think I’m weird for saying so, haha.


4 thoughts on “I Love My Philamlife Planner So Much

  1. I used to write a lot in my planner. But the presence of computers and all those electronic devices made me forget the beauty of maintaining a planner. What I love about the traditional planner is its capability to bring me back on those good old days. There are days when I feel like browsing my old planner and it makes me remember some of those significant events in my life.

    • Late comment, sorry! I am a late convert to the planner, haha. It’s nice to be late rather than not be able to get in on the fun at all.

  2. I have lots of planner. I never use them. But I always look forward to having a new one each year. Do I need intervention or something?

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