Luisiana in Review

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This past week has been super busy. I’ve been running around finishing up things for work and I’ll be happy when this week is over as I have more work to do tomorrow. Also last Tuesday to Wednesday, I was on a business trip of sorts. I had to go and assist my boss over at Luisiana, Laguna. For those who don’t know, Luisiana is up in the mountains, thus giving it a cooler climate compared with a lot of other municipalities in Laguna. It’s actually called the Little Baguio of Laguna because of all this. Since it’s been so hot recently, it was a great relief for me to experience the weather up there. We didn’t need for an AC to be turned on, especially at night. It’s that cool. True, it’s still sunny, but it’s really so much cooler and that’s just one of the reasons why I enjoyed my stay there.

It’s just a simple, unassuming town. How simple? No Starbucks, hahaha. It’s developing, certainly, but it’s still a far cry from a bustling city. The nearest Jollibee is 30 minutes away and you have to get down from the mountain to access it. It’s very quiet and the only real disturbance you get is whenever they have something going on in the plaza and boy, do they know how to party until dawn. Aside from that, it’s a peaceful town, with quiet, smiling, unassuming people. The town itself is very simple and compact. Most everything surrounds a park and when you see the church, you can be sure that the municipal hall is right beside it, right across the plaza. You see remnants of Spanish colonization in that traditional arrangement of architechture and also in some of the houses and buildings. It’s a sign of the town still being quite old-fashioned, but progress is also seen. The town has access to the Internet and telephones, so it’s not as backward as it can be in other places in the Philippines. The melding of the new and the old is very comforting for me as I was still able to feel relaxed in the new and peaceful surroundings even as I was able to keep in touch with my family and friends easily as only modern technology can allow.

I was also amazed at how clean the whole place was. I don’t think I’ve seen a single piece of trash anywhere. You really have to hand it to the people who are governing Luisiana. They’re doing their best to make their town a wonderful place to be. It’s not really an exciting location if there’s no fiesta happening, but it’s a good place to get away from it all, if you’re only looking for a quiet, cool venue to rest or in our case, to get some work done. And we were pretty productive while we were there. We’ll most probably end up going back up there again for work and I am looking forward to those trips in the future. Especially given that pancit habhab is just so delicious. I could eat it all day.

So, who wants to come with me to Luisiana next time? 😀


3 thoughts on “Luisiana in Review

  1. Never really tried pansit habhab so I might just take you up on this review and well, who knows, i might just tag along with you. 🙂

    • You should try it when you can! Have you heard of Buddy’s? They sell pancit habhab and it’s really, really good. Haha, and it would be awesome if you’re able to tag along, definitely. 😀

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